Carriers of Hope

The Forgiveness Effect Pt. 3-The Working Phase Ep.9

May 13, 2021

Welcome to Episode 9- The Forgiveness Effect Pt. 3-The Working Phase

In this episode, during the work phase, you will start to understand the offender in a new way, which will allow positive feelings toward the offender and yourself.

Begin to learn & understand the offender, and seeing them as more than their wrongdoing, is an integral part of forgiveness.

I give tips in probing yourself these questions:

-What was life like for the offender as they grew up?

-May this has impacted their behavior?

-What was life like for the offender at the time of the offense?


Remember, hurt people hurt people and at times not intentionally.

You may not know the two questions, but possibly look at the last one and apply.


Stay tuned as there will be one more episode in this series where we will cover the last step: Deepening!


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