Carriers of Hope

EP 31 ”Could our sufferings been for a more significant cause?”

October 15, 2021

EP 31 "Could our sufferings have been for a more significant cause?

Do you ever wonder if all the suffering that you have endured was for a greater purpose?

If you found healing in those life experiences, this should ignite hope within you that you made it through and can give hope to others that they can make it through as well. But, unfortunately, there are similar scars all around you that are slowly dying and losing hope.

There are wounds and scars we hide so well that can bring healing to someone else's life, which means that others around you need hope, healing, and freedom, and you can be the carrier of it.

Every part of your life experience is part of the story for someone else. So let's take a look at a time in your life where there was a need, and you fulfilled it. How did you feel? 

So I want to ask what the need around you is? 

What would you be doing on this earth if you knew your days were numbered? 

Tune in as I share some of my similar scars and life experiences. That held me back from living, freedom, and satisfaction.  The world needs you and those life experiences! It's time to begin to wonder if all the suffering you have endured was for a greater purpose. 


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