Carriers of Hope

EP 30 Crossed Wires and Ways to Begin to Rewire your Brain

October 8, 2021

Welcome to Episode 30 

“Crossed Wires and Ways to Rewire our brain.”

Why does it seem like our lives aren’t working when we need them to work? 

Why do we make so many irrational decisions?


Arguing with your significant other, and you continue to tell yourself to stop arguing yet continue to do so.

Or you worry about something knowing fully well that we can’t change anything by worrying.

Or scrolling on your phone and being on social media instead of spending that time with your family or doing something else that could be productive. So why do we do the things that we do? Why do we make so many self debilitating decisions?

We have crossed wires; we need to look at how our brain works. 

Do you know that you can condition your brain into thinking whatever those unhealthy patterns are?  We prepare our brains to believe what we believe. Our brains are designed to look for ways and create neurological pathways to keep thinking and doing what you’re doing. 

What things in your life have placed you in a rut in your thinking that now is playing out in your behaviors? What lies have crossed your wires in your brain? Then, tune in as I share some tips on beginning to learn how to rewire your brain and identity some unhealthy patterns within yourself! 


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