Carriers of Hope

EP 22 What are YOU Analyzing that is Paralyzing YOU

August 13, 2021


What are YOU analyzing that is paralyzing YOU!

Do you ever find yourself overthinking whether it is big or not! Are you an analytical person where everything must be screened before making a decision?  I share my challenges with overalyzing and being that analytical thinker! YGeese, this has been be so exhausting! 

Tune into todays episode where we dig into ways we overanalyze?  Do you know that there is such thing as overthinking about a particular item where we find ourselves overanalyzing and making conversations on certain things in our head that prohibit us from moving forward and paralyze us!

We must remind ourselves that perfection is the enemy of excellence. You have to know that at the end of the day, you gave it your best, and it’s time to put away those perfectionistic/overanalyzing behaviors that are hurting you.

Let’s begin to dig deep and look at one area of your life where you can strive just to let it be good enough instead of perfect; no more analyzing because it’s paralyzing!

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