Carriers of Hope

EP 11- Six Ways to Capture Self-Care in Your Life

May 24, 2021

Welcome to Episode 11


Six Ways to Capture Self-Care in Your Life 


What is self-care? 

-Are you stressed or burnt out in life? 


-Do you find yourself becoming irritable and having no tolerance lately?


-Do you find that you are using other things to help you cope in an unhealthy way?


Tune in to this episode as I discuss five different areas:  physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and professional, that you can look to see how you’ve been with self-care. 


This episode aims to help you learn about your self-care needs by spotting patterns and recognizing areas of your life that need more attention.


The critical takeaway is reminding yourself that YOUR needs are just as important as anyone else’s! Set those boundaries, friends! 


Are you ready to take a mini-vacation? Listen in to today's podcast in how you can utilize this! I shared on the podcast about visualization & mediation—a quick & easy way to help you begin to incorporate self-care. Visualization is a form of meditation that you can do at any time without guidance. 


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