Carriers of Hope

Ep 20-The Enemy Within: 5 ways the lies come into our lives!

July 30, 2021

Welcome to Episode 20 The enemy within five ways the lies come into our lives! Have you ever gone to sleep at night and woken up like you just got beat up.  How long have you stayed sleeping with the enemy?  We become bombarded just like the war movies a lot of the times the enemy comes in at night, and we weren’t prepared for it where it catches us off guard, and we’re not even aware of the schemes.    In today’s episode, we begin to identify the five ways that the lies come in!  Often, it’s based on life experiences or form through hurtful situations, but it’s time to bring you out of that and get rid of the enemy within. If not, this becomes a massive stronghold in your life, and it’s time to discover the truth behind the lies. Truth is your armor and weapon in the battlefield of the mind!    It is time to decide if you will come to terms with those lies, relationships, past life experiences that don’t define who you are, and it’s time to armor up with ammunition attack work truth. Research has shown that many people will avoid emotional pain versus physical pain and build invisible walls. Tune in today for more!  Ways to listen on different platforms  Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Podbean!  Please be sure to subscribe and leave me a review!    How to connect with Sandy! ->  Want to work together?  I offer private coaching spots! Grab your 15-min FREE CONSULTATION Let’s breathe hope together one life at a time,  Sandy 

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