Carriers of Hope

EP 16- “10 Basic Steps to tend to life challenges, your goals and begin to apply change and healing to your Life”

July 2, 2021

EP 16- “Ten steps to tend to life challenges, goals and began to apply change and healing to your life.”

Tune in to today’s episode as I break down the analogy of a gardener and how to maintain the garden of our lives. Applying ten practical tools to our lives where we want growth or feel stuck and defeated.  At the same being cautious not to transplant what others are doing versus what you are needing. Sometimes those things may not be what is right for you! Finally, being aware of the parasites like criticalness, self-doubt, and comparison eating away at your garden.

Probing questions to locate the area you want to find in your life for growth, healing and to no longer remain stuck. Applying kindness and self-care along the way to yourself and making a declaration of what you are believe for and set things into action! 

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