Carriers of Hope

EP 14 “A Four Step Process of Letting Go of the Hurt and Anger”

June 19, 2021

Welcome to Episode 14

“A 4-Step Process of Letting Go of your Hurt and Anger”

When do you find yourself getting angry? Do you display your anger or her on the outside or keep it suppressed? Did you know that anger is a secondary emotion and indeed a response from being hurt! 

Tune in to this episode as I discuss the 4 Steps Process of Letting Go of your Hurt and Anger.

Identify if you are verbalizing different ways that show your hurting and angry.  Recognizing when anger is a problem, the warning signs, how triggers can be to your advantage, and coping skills can begin to apply today. 

You get to choose today if you will face what’s taking place in your heart and mind. It is time to quit holding onto those things that are hurting.

It’s time to look at how hurt and anger are bleeding into your life! 


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