Carriers of Hope

EP-13 Have you heard about the lastest virus called, “Guilt?”

June 11, 2021

Welcome to Episode 13 

Have you heard of that latest virus, called “Guilt?”


Have you ever felt guilty for something where you felt like it was eating away are you? At times it may have not even been intentional. Do you know guilt can even cause physical symptoms to your body?  Do you know that there is a good thing that can come out of guilt? It causes reflection in wanting to change something that you’ve made a mistake or a decision on. I t can also bring healing to your body and hurt, if you are willing.


Tune in to this episode as I discuss different areas of the bad things that come with guilt, different kinds of guilt, and things that can contribute to living with guilt. 


It’s time to look at how guilt plays in your life; what are you feeling guilty about? It’s time to confess to someone and begin to address guilt head-on.


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