Carriers of Hope

EP 29 “Did you know we are products of our past but don’t have to be a prisoner of it?”

October 1, 2021

Welcome to Episode 29

“Did you know we are products of our past but don’t have to be a prisoner of it?”

This was a famous quote by Rick Warren, and ever since I heard it helps to remind me that I am no longer a prisoner of my past! So many of us spend so much energy living in our past. So often, our history comes with life experiences that can be extremely hard to face, and those experiences have created almost a counterfeit or a clone of who you are called to be. In today’s topic, I share how I allowed my past to dictate me for many years. Areas where I was no longer growing but dying in.

Do you know how many people are waiting to hear about your story? But because you still feel that your pass stick dictates you, it’s made you become a prisoner of it. I want to challenge you and think of how you have allowed your previous life experience to dictate your behavior in the present. What steps have you taken or can you begin to take to ensure that your past does not dictate your behavior moving forward. Starting to live a life of freedom that you were called to live and only looking at your history as part of your story will help heal others. 


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