Carriers of Hope

EP 26 Tips on how to deal with the ”Conflict Jungles” in our Lives

September 10, 2021


“Tips on How to Deal with the Conflict Jungles in our Lives”

In today's episode, I begin to create an awareness of how we handle conflicts?  We talk about conflict resolution.

Tune in as I help you identify and ask the hard questions of where avoiding conflict stems?

Identifying that conflict is neutral and how if you address conflict, and it will not kill you! 

I begin to dig deep into why people avoid conflict in general—giving you tips on setting boundaries and holding to your values and how to start to approach conflict and walk away feeling empowered.

Be the catalyst to make a change and learn to pick your battles. 

Unsure how to handle conflict, tune in today as I give practical tools to help you do it effectively. 


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