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EP 10- The Forgiveness Effect Pt. 4 “The Deepening Phase”

May 20, 2021

Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 10

The Forgiveness Effect Pt. 4 "The Deepening Phase"

In this episode, during the deepening phase of forgiveness, he will further decrease the negative emotions associated with the offense. You may even find meaning in the experiences and have now recognized ways in which you’ve grown from it as the result of extending forgiveness.

At this stage, you have already gone through steps 1-3(Uncover, Deciding, and Working). If you have not, go back and review episodes 7, 8, and 9 so you can fully understand this episode and the Deepening stage.


In this stage, begin to ask yourself these questions: 

-How have you benefited by forgiving the person that has hurt you?

-How did forgiveness affect your emotional health and behavioral changes? 

-Think of a time when you forgave. how did it feel?

-Reflect on how you have grown because and efforts to forgive.

-Would you consider a stronger person today than you were before deciding to forgive?

***Remember the rope analogy I used in Ep. 9. It is about no longer allowing those people and feelings to control you.

You have a choice to uncover, decide, work through, and deepening your understanding of forgiveness.  Make sure you cross your name on the list as well!  You're worthy of forgiveness! 


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