Carriers of Hope

EP 25 Boundaries: We Teach People How to Treat Us

September 3, 2021


“Boundaries, We teach people how to treat us.”

In today's episode, there is no intro/outro music, just plain raw footage. 

Do you know that people who struggle with boundaries struggle to understand who they are and what they want in their lives? 

How are you with setting boundaries? 

Do you know that setting boundaries are useless if you’re not willing to follow through with consequences? 

We teach people how to treat us based on the behaviors we allow them to get away with repeatedly.


Tune in as I help you to identify boundaries and share some of my challenges with boundaries! 

I dig deeper to see if any of your boundaries were traced back to your childhood? 

If you feel unsure if you have healthy boundaries, you want to tune in to today’s episode. 

You get to talk away with an awareness of where you are and seven tips you can begin to apply and establish boundaries.

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