Carriers of Hope

EP 17- Without Action the Story Never Changes

July 9, 2021

Welcome to Episode 17

EP 17- “Without Action, the Story Never Changes”

Have you ever gathered around to watch someone do something exhilarating or something you would never dare to do?

It is one thing for you to want, dream, and desire something; it’s another thing actually to do it! 

It’s time to talk about activating A.H.A.‘s in your life.


H-Honest Talk

A- Action

Sadly there are areas in our lives we need to bring change, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to change! 

I hit on some warning signs that keep you from getting up and remain stuck!


Tension in Relationships

Undirected Anger

These are some of the things that we remain stuck with. Remember, your convictions are not worth anything until there is action!


So I want to ask you:

When are you going to get up? Remember, without action, the story never changes in your life!

Tune in today as I share some of my own life experiences of how stuck, frustrated and angry I was in different areas of my life and for so many years of my life.


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