Carriers of Hope

EP- 12 Matters of the Heart

June 1, 2021

Welcome to Episode 12, "Matters of the Heart" 

A lot of times, we are pretty good about monitoring our behaviors, thoughts, and actions.   Do you ever wonder why we do certain things or act a certain way, wondering why I said or did that?

We are not good about monitoring our hearts, which can be complicated because everything we do stems from our hearts.   Out of the abundance of our hearts, the mouths speak. 

Our hearts are like a simmering volcano of things taking place in our lives, unaware of what is genuinely taking place in our hearts.  At times what you do not know CAN hurt you!


This episode aims to help you become aware of the secrets in our hearts; in case you were not aware, those things always come out and find their way into our homes, lives, workplaces, and relationships. Reflecting on your recent thoughts, words, and actions reveals what is going on in your heart.

Be sure to tune in to this episode as I discuss different areas where we can be like that simmering volcano.  


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